Dash Core Wallet GUI


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dash-qt [command-line options]     


Debug Options

The following sections show all available options including debug options that are not normally displayed. To see only regular options, run dash-qt --help.

Dash Core QT GUI includes all the same command line options as dashd with the exception of -daemon. It also provides additional options for UI as described below.

UI Options:

       Choose data directory on startup (default: 0)

       Set a directory which contains custom css files. Those will be used as
       stylesheets for the UI.

       Updates the UI's stylesheets in realtime with changes made to the css
       files in -custom-css-dir and forces some widgets to show up which
       are usually only visible under certain circumstances. (default:

       Set the font family. Possible values: SystemDefault, Montserrat.
       (default: SystemDefault)

       Set a scale factor which gets applied to the base font size. Possible
       range -100 (smallest fonts) to 100 (largest fonts). (default: 0)

       Set the font weight for bold texts. Possible range 0 to 8 (default: 4)

       Set the font weight for normal texts. Possible range 0 to 8 (default: 2)

       Set language, for example "de_DE" (default: system locale)

       Start minimized

       Reset all settings changed in the GUI

       Show splash screen on startup (default: 1)

       Select platform to customize UI for (one of windows, macosx, other;
       default: other)

       Sets a window title which is appended to "Dash Core - "