Protocol Versions

Dash Protocol Versions

The table below lists some notable versions of the P2P network protocol, with the most recent versions listed first.

As of Dash Core 0.17.0, the most recent protocol version is 70219.

VersionInitial ReleaseMajor Changes
70219Dash Core 0.17.0
(Q2 2021)
DIP 20 Opcode additions
• Governance system improvements
• Add LLMQ for Dash Platform
• RPC updates to support Dash Platform
• Removal of spork 22
• Hard fork auto-recovery
• Non-HD to HD wallet upgrade option
DIP 21 DKG data sharing/recovery
70218Dash Core 0.16.0
(Q3 2020)
• Block reward reallocation
• Concentrated recovery for LLMQ signatures
• Wallet GUI refresh
• Expanded PoSe (masternode version checks)
• Removal of sporks 15, 16, and 20
• PrivateSend updates
70216Dash Core 0.15.0
(Q1 2020)
• Mempool sync (via mempool message)
• Updated default P2P/RPC ports for RegTest and Devnet networks
• Removal of alert message
• Removal of legacy InstantSend
• Removal of sporks 5 and 12
• Deprecation of sporks 15, 16, and 20
70215Dash Core
(May 2019)
• None (Governance bugfix only)
70214Dash Core
(May 2019)
Long-Living Masternode QuorumLong-Living Masternode Quorum - Long-Living Masternode Quorums (LLMQs) are a Dash innovation that enable masternodes to perform threshold signing of consensus-related messages (e.g. InstantSend transactions). LLMQs provide a more scalable, general use quorum system than the ephemeral ones used prior to Dash Core version 0.14.
ChainLocksChainLocks - ChainLocks are a feature enabling near instant consensus on the valid chain. ChainLocks use Long-Living Masternode Quroums to mitigate 51 percent attacks and reduce uncertainty when receiving funds.
• PrivateSend improvements
• Experimental LLMQ InstantSend
• Bitcoin Core 0.15 backports
70213Dash Core 0.13.0.x
(Jan 2019)
Special Transactionsspecial transactions - Special Transactions provide a way to include non-financial, consensus-assisting metadata (e.g. masternode lists) on-chain.
• Deterministic Masternode List
• Coinbase Special Transaction
• Automatic InstantSend
70210Dash Core 0.12.3.x
(July 2018)
• Named Devnets
• New signature format / Spork 6 addition
• Bitcoin Core 0.13/0.14 backports
BIP90: Buried deployments
BIP147: NULLYDUMMY enforcement
BIP152 Compact Blocks
• Transaction version increased to 2
• Zero fee transactions removed
• Pruning in Lite Mode
70208Dash Core 0.12.2.x
(Nov 2017)
DIP1 (2MB blocks)
• Fee reduction (10x)
• InstantSend fix
• PrivateSend improvements
Experimental HD wallet
• Local Masternode support removed
70206Dash Core 0.12.1.x
(Mar 2017)
• Switch to Bitcoin Core 0.12.1
• BIP-0065 (CheckLockTimeVerify)
• BIP-0112 (CheckSequenceVerify)
70103Dash Core 0.12.0.x
(Aug 2015)
• Switch to Bitcoin Core 0.10
• Decentralized budget system
• New IX implementation
70076Dash Core 0.11.2.x
(Mar 2015)
• Masternode enhancements
• Mining/relay policy enhancements
• BIP-66 - strict DER encoding for signatures
70066Dash Core 0.11.1.x
(Feb 2015)
• InstantX fully implemented
Sporkspork - A spork is a mechanism unique to Dash used to safely deploy new features to the network through network-level variables to avoid the risk of unintended network forking during upgrades. fully implemented
• Masternode payment updates
• Rebrand to Dash (
70052Dash Core 0.11.0.x
(Jan 2015)
• Switch from fork of Litecoin 0.8 to Bitcoin 0.9.3
• Rebrand to Darkcoin Core
70051Dash Core 0.10.0.x
(Sep 2014)
• Release of the originally closed source implementation of DarkSend
70002Dash Core 0.9.0.x
(Mar 2014)
• Masternode implementation
• Rebrand to Darkcoin
70002Dash Core 0.8.7
(Jan 2014)
Initial release of Dash (branded XCoin) as a fork of Litecoin 0.8

Bitcoin Protocol Versions

Historical Bitcoin protocol versions for reference shown below since Dash is a forkfork - When two or more blocks have the same block height, forking the block chain. Typically occurs when two or more miners find blocks at nearly the same time. Can also happen as part of an attack. of Bitcoin Core.

VersionInitial ReleaseMajor Changes
70012Bitcoin Core 0.12.0
(Feb 2016)
• Added sendheaders message.
70011Bitcoin Core 0.12.0
(Feb 2016)
filter* messages are disabled without NODE_BLOOM after and including this version.
70002Bitcoin Core 0.9.0
(Mar 2014)
• Send multiple inv messages in response to a mempool message if necessary

• Added reject message
70001Bitcoin Core 0.8.0
(Feb 2013)
• Added notfound message.

• Added filterload message.
• Added filteradd message.
• Added filterclear message.
• Added merkleblock message.
• Added relay field to version message
• Added MSG_FILTERED_BLOCK inventory type to getdata message.
60002Bitcoin Core 0.7.0
(Sep 2012)
• Added mempool message.
• Extended getdata message to allow download of memory pool transactions
60001Bitcoin Core 0.6.1
(May 2012)
• Added nonce field to ping message
• Added pong message
60000Bitcoin Core 0.6.0
(Mar 2012)
• Separated protocol version from Bitcoin Core version
31800Bitcoin Core 0.3.18
(Dec 2010)
• Added getheaders message and headers message.
31402Bitcoin Core 0.3.15
(Oct 2010)
• Added time field to addr message.
311Bitcoin Core 0.3.11
(Aug 2010)
• Added alert message.
209Bitcoin Core 0.2.9
(May 2010)
• Added checksum field to message headers.
106Bitcoin Core 0.1.6
(Oct 2009)
• Added receive IP address fields to version message.

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