These docs are for v0.17.0. Click to read the latest docs for v19.0.0-redirect.




Warning: A web browser can access a HTTP REST interface running on localhost, possibly allowing third parties to use cross-site scripting attacks to download your transaction and block data, reducing your privacy. If you have privacy concerns, you should not run a browser on the same computer as a REST-enabled Dash Core node.

Dash Core provides an unauthenticated HTTP REST interface. The interface runs on the same port as the JSON-RPC interface, by default port 9998 for mainnet and port 19998 for testnet. It must be enabled by either starting Dash Core with the -rest option or by specifying rest=1 in the configuration file. Make sure that the RPC interface is also activated. Set server=1 in dash.conf or supply the -server argument when starting Dash Core. Starting Dash Core with dashd automatically enables the RPC interface.

The interface is not intended for public access and is only accessible from localhost by default. The interface uses standard HTTP status codes and returns a plain-text description of errors for debugging.