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Constants and Defaults

The following constants and defaults are taken from Dash Core's chainparams.cpp source code file.

NetworkDefault PortMagic ValueStart StringMax nBits
DevnetUser-defined (default 19799)0xCEFFCAE20xE2CAFFCE0x207fffff

Note: the testnet start string and nBits above are for testnet3.

Command line parameters can change what port a nodenode - A computer that connects to the Dash network. listens on (see -help). Start strings are hardcoded constants that appear at the start of all messages sent on the Dash networknetwork - The Dash P2P network which broadcasts transactions and blocks.; they may also appear in data files such as Dash Core's block database. The Magic Value and nBitsnBits - The target is the threshold below which a block header hash must be in order for the block to be valid, and nBits is the encoded form of the target threshold as it appears in the block header. displayed above are in big-endian order; they're sent over the network in little-endian order. The Start StringStart String - Four defined bytes which start every message in the Dash P2P protocol to allow seeking to the next message. is simply the endian reversed Magic Value.

Dash Core's chainparams.cpp also includes other constants useful to programs, such as the hash of the genesis blockgenesis block - The first block in the Dash block chain. blocks for the different networks.

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Constants and Defaults

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